Brokerage Services in Mexico

Do you need help for buying your dream property in Mexico? Do you want to start a tourism related business in Mexico? We help people who just want to get a beach property or investors who are willing to buy a Hotel. For both scenarios we apply the same amount of energy and passion. We have in our team the best professional real estate brokers that can help you out to lower the transaction prices, translate, and check out the legal status of the property or business. We provide our friends clients deep local knowledge with global reach and unmatched innovation. The recent Mexican structural reforms have created new scenarios for economic development and investment opportunities. We are facing right now optimistic and interesting times for the infrastructure and real estate sectors, mainly in the energy, tourism, public works, automotive industry and institutional investment in real estate assets to form portfolios subject to financing. The recent structural legal reforms that have been implemented in Mexico, must be understood in detail by those who intend to venture in new business opportunities in our country. This is where our real estate and infrastructure legal practice plays a key role, as we can guide our clients to  easily navigate through the new regulatory scenarios, so they can focus on their business. Our practice provides extensive experience and deep knowledge in the Mexican real estate market. This helps our friends clients when making strategic and business decisions in the different markets in Mexico. We create synergies with the different specialty areas of law that our firm has, so our advise is delivered with high added value, considering among other, taxes, financial, corporate, environmental, and regulatory aspects in different sectors and industries, project types, and locations, always focusing in our client´s business needs and consider them a key factor for the projects success. Our clients vary from individuals, foreign entrepreneurs, and multinational companies willing to invest in Mexico in different industries, contractors, developers, industrial developers, oil & energy firms, residential & tourism sectors, among others. We advice our clients in their real estate investments, doing business in Mexico, outsourcing and outhelping models, we have the best corporate lawyers in our team, so we do legal due diligence, acquisitions, sale, lease and development of all types of real estate projects, legal structuring, federal zones concessions, investment funds, tax strategies, project development via public-private partnerships (ppp) and asset financing among others. With our high penetration Mexican market knowledge you can also access and participate in challenging projects related to tourism sectors, energy efficiency, oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), water, railways, ports, roads, mines and solar alternatives among others. Mexico has a lot of opportunities now thanks to the new energetic reform. It will be our pleasure to assist you in anything you need in Mexico. Thank you for your preference.

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