BLUE REALTORS CONSULTING is a company whose main purpose is to provide consulting, promotion and mainly business opportunities for the purchase, sale and capitalization of companies in Mexico.  

Blue Realtors is a professional intermediary and provider of the following goals: Obtaining optimal sale for purchase prices, minimizing differences between sellers and purchasers, and preserving any operation with a lot of confidentiality…

If  you are looking to invest in a Spa, Hotel development, Chalets, Bungalows, Eco-Houses development for commercial purposes, Appartments, Ocean view land in Mexico, Business parks, Industrial parks, Industrial buildings for lease, Build to suit, Sale and lease back or you simply would like to get your dream ocean view house or beach property in Mexico. we will use our contacts and our experience to get the best possible Prices available for you. We will protect you against corruption in Mexico so we will be with you until you are the legal holder signed by a public notary in Mexico. We have Access to privileged information ready to be used and projected for the right people and we know about serious business opportunities happening now…

We have different ocean view properties, rain forests, hotels, spas, organic crops, ranchs, farms, industrial projects, tequila factories, cigar factories, bankrupt businesses that can be saved with the right management and some capital injection. We love developing Eco-tourism projects. we will help you and advise you with assertive decisions and business strategies, Foreigners can legally own land in Mexico.…


PROFESSIONALISM: BLUE REALTORS CONSULTING observes ethics principles, carrying out the operation to the mutual satisfaction of the involved parties.

CONFIDENTIALITY:  With the purpose of providing trust and certitude to investors in any kind of transactions, all operations developed by BLUE REALTORS will be kept under a strict confidentiality terms.

PERSONALIZED SERVICE: BLUE REALTORS will walk you in the operation from the beginning to the end, always working close with the client in order to focus in the same business perspectives and get the best possible decisions.

SUITABLE STRATEGY: BLUE REALTORS will be always looking to advice you with the best suitable strategies according to the specific conditions of any kind of transaction.


SELLING A COMPANY: When BLUE REALTORS is looking to help you to sell your company there are several steps involved.

ANALYSIS OF THE SALE: convenience of the sale, preparation of the business project of the sale, study the company´s possible value range, appropriate sell strategies, get a list of the best potential buyers.

SALE PROMOTION:  Delivery of the informative sale study and organizing meetings with the potential buyers.

NEGOCIATING AND SELL CLOSING: Price negotiation and conditions, as well as assistance in reviewing the gotten contracts.

PURCHASING A COMPANY: BLUE REALTORS will study the company situation in order of protecting the purchaser´s interests as well will help in finding interesting market alternatives that could create synergies with the purchaser´s objectives.

PARTNERS SEPARATION: BLUE REALTORS will provide consulting in the partner separation aspects with business differences by mediating and promoting good strategies of proprietary division, turning uncomfortable relations to a positive end without the need to get attorney´ull ´s assistance along with the time and savings that this implies.

STRATEGIC ALLIANCES: BLUE REALTORS CONSULTING will provide consulting services for the celebration of strategic partnerships between domestic/foreign companies interested in obtaining capital, new emerging markets, new technologies that applies to the strategic growth objectives of our clients.

CAPITAL: If you have a good project we can access to seek domestic or foreign investors who can provide capital by becoming your business partner and sharing the risk. We will fortify investment projects that give finance security to the involved companies.  We know the main high risk capital investment funds both in mexico and abroad, thus allowing us to access resources to be secured under the best possible conditions to our clients, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, fortifying investment projects that strengthen and provide growth to their companies.


ORIENTATION: Complete Orientation in Purchasing Property in any part of  México, remember that our law allows foreigners to buy land also for industrial purposes in the Mexican borders.

ASSURANCE: Assurance of stringent ethical standards...The best advertizing is the mouth to mouth advertizing and we know that one unhappy client  turns into 1000 thousand missing  potential clients.

QUALITY LISTINGS: All of our sellers and offers prior to listing, have provided all paperwork to ensure you that the property have not any deft or any legal issue.

REPRESENTATION: We represent you in every transaction. Even when you are paying your meal ticket we will check that you are not being chased, while you are with us you are our responsibility.

ASSISTANCE: We will assist you in transferring all necessary utilities/taxes/old employee deft, government permits, services, notary public legal procedures, Federal zones permits etc. All will be fixed into your name or the name or beneficiary you would like to set, you will get your services activated by being provided by accurate actualized information and valuable connections so  you will easily settle into your new business, project or property.

PREPARATION: We assist you in preparing your home or business to sell for its optimized value.  What does that mean?  We offer proper price evaluation, complete with area comparatives.  We offer suggestions to "stage" your home or property for its sale.  This process will ensure a speedy sale at the price you deserve.  We assist you in preparing all the necessary paperwork for your property or business sale.

NETWORKING: We will use our databases to search the best possible clients who will pay the best possible price for you.

AVAILABILITY: Our Headquarters are located in Merida Yucatán Mexico and Tulum Quintana Roo "Mayan Riviera"…  Our agents are always available to travel any time they are required. This means that your future property, hotel or Tourism business will receive the attention it deserves…

Become a business partner: If you might know an investor or any person who would like to invest in Mexico, buy a house, bungalow, apartment, ocean view property, hotel or simply wish to start any kind of project in México. We will place you in a mercantile/commercial commission contract signed by a certificated public notary. Your commission will be safe money and will be based upon the negotiated amount  and brokerage services. Please feel free to email us for further information.  Email

+52 984 1145455 Whatspp


+52 9841145455 Whatspp